the Galleries page

This is your Galleries page, from which visitors will be able to explore your image galleries. It’s a very special page, perhaps the most important page of your entire site. Here are some things to know:

  • The images which presently appear below are standin images only and will not appear on your exported page. Use them as visual aids while designing your Galleries page; when you export TTG CE3 Pages, your gallery index will initially be empty.
  • You will populate the exported Galleries page by uploading real image galleries. For every image gallery uploaded into your /galleries/ folder, an entry for that gallery will appear automatically here in the gallery index.
  • A variety of layouts may be customized and deployed, options for which are located in the Galleries page section of the Appearance control pane.
  • The Galleries page runs on The Turning Gate’s auto index. For a complete understanding of how the auto index works, see our online documentation.
  • Finally, if you don’t want this text block to appear on your Galleries page, you can blank the content in the Color Palette pane, or disable “the block” altogether.