Pricing & FAQ's

Creating beautifully stunning images covering all features of the architectural property for interior and exterior images. In general, 20-30 images per property. I deliver the images in MlS and Printing sizing. As well as, a dedicated site for each property that includes a 360 virtual tour. 

Property Sizes Price
0-1999 square feet $149
2000-3999 square feet $199
4000-5999 square feet $249
6000+ square feet $299
Sunset Shooting 0-3999 square feet $349
Sunset Shooting 4000-5999 square feet $399
Sunset Shooting 7000+ Square Feet $449
Reshoot (return to property for up to 5 photos, daytime only) $99
*Daytime photo shoots take approximately 60-90 minutes hour on site, depending on size.

How can I schedule a photo shoot?

Please email or call (310) 595-5099 to schedule your appointment. All appointments are made by talking to a real person and scheduling the best time for you and your property. From there, I email a confirmation with a deposit to confirm your shoot.

How soon can I schedule?

I ask for 2-3 days advance notice, due to scheduling availability . Although there are times when I am available for a next day shoot.

What is the best time of day to shoot my property?

The quick answer is that I will make your property look great no matter what time of day it is. Most people want the sun hitting the front of the house to create the best image of the front of the property. During your scheduling we will ask the address and help you determine the best time of day for your front exterior image.

How long does a shoot take?

A typical 2-3 bedroom will take approxiamtely 60 minutes on site. I do spend a number of hours processing and developing the photos to bring them to life.

How can I reschedule?

I do accept a one time rescheduling with at least a 1 day notice at no charge. Rescheduling must be done with a live person. So, please call to reschedule your appointment to retain your deposit.

What is your cancellation policy?

I do understand the need to cancel arrises and I do allow full refund with 24 hour notice and $50 charge for same day cancellations.

How many Photos do I get with my shoot?

The typical on a 2-3 bedroom property is around 20-30 images. I work to get all the best features of the property, so the actual number of images varies for each location.

How are the photos delivered?

The photos are delivered by email as a download linked files. The email contains:

  1. A thumbnail proof sheet of all images, and links to download various sized images.
  2. MLS-seized photos in a zip file
  3. Hi-Res Images in a zip file
  4. A personalize virtual tour link with walkthrough slideshow with music and contact information.
  5. A unbranded virtual tour link, used for MLS linking.

More questions?

For further questions, concerns or to have us call you directly please email us at or give us a call at (310) 595-5099